Blended Learning

This fall I will be teaching Intermediate Algebra in a classroom with computers but with limited white board space. I asked for it, because I would like to try a class where computer aided learning is part of the course. However, I do plan to lecture, but less than a quarter of the time.

I also plan to give tests that are largely written, not done on the computer. I may give some computer problems. There are a few short answer problems that can easily be done on the computer, and I am happy to have them graded by computer, but there are two types of problems that I prefer to be written.

1. Problems where I want them to show their work. Although the computer can walk them through a problem step-by-step, I want to know if they can do the steps without the prompts from the computer.

2. Graphing. Except for graphing lines, I find that the computer problems do not demonstrate if they actually know how to graph.

There is another reason that I want to give written tests. This course has a common final exam. I probably could get an exception, and have the students take a computer final, but I want the students to demonstrate they know the material just as well as the students in other sections. If things go as I hope, they will know it better.


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