Greece’s problems

We visited Greece recently, and two tour guides gave me a clue as to why the country is in trouble.

The first one was happy that she bought a lot of clothes before all the trouble started, because it means she doesn’t need to worry about having enough clothes while she has a reduced income. Wouldn’t she be better off with money? I can understand her saying she is glad she bought clothes rather than something else, but I suspect that she would be better off with more money than with more clothes.

The second guide told me the following:

1. He chooses whom he works for and will not work for some companies. The implication was that he could work more if he chose to do so.

2. He has three or four tours a week. Our tour was a four hour tour.

3. He does not work when it is not the tourist season.

4. He considers himself to be working full time.

5. He was required to take three years of school (presumably after high school) to be a tour guide. His attitude suggested that he felt he put a lot of work into qualifying for the job.

The guides both were knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. But between the two of them, they gave a picture of a country that doesn’t work very hard and doesn’t believe in saving for the future.


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