It’s not high school

I am teaching Intermediate Algebra at a community college. One of my students complained that she did not know what her grades were, saying she was used to high school where she could check online for her grades.

I’ve also had complaints that the due date for the homework is not the same one that I tell them. I have the computer homework due later than is needed, since I want to allow leeway for students with computer problems. It is up to them to manage their time. I tell them when I expect it done, but the online assignment due date is later.

They are given a syllabus, which has the grading scale. Homework and all but one quiz scores are online. The handwritten quiz and test were returned with scores the class period after they were taken, but I did not enter their scores online. When I returned the test, I gave them a piece of paper with their grades and their current average. They have the information.

They have to do some work to put current information together. The syllabus gives the grading scale. This is a math class. It is not asking a lot for them to work with percents. And they are college students. It is not unreasonable for them to manage their time.


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