Teachers behaving badly

Recently a student told me another teacher posted a review online, but took it down the night before the test to teach the students not to procrastinate. I don’t believe everything students tell me, but this had a ring of truth. I understand the frustration of the teacher. Nevertheless, the teacher shouldn’t have done it.

I also sympathize with a teacher who refused to recalculate a student’s grade, when she requested he do so, saying, “No, because then I’ll have spent more time on your grade than you have.”

The worst story about a teacher was told to me by the teacher. She appeared to be proud of it. She taught in a room without a clock and didn’t wear a watch. She depended upon students to tell her when class was over. Not surprisingly, the students had her let class out ten minutes early, every day. When she gave her first test, she collected the test ten minutes early. When a couple of students complained, claiming they didn’t do it, she said, “But you let it go on.”

True, but because students misbehave, should the teacher? She acted like a twelve year old, not someone who was probably three times that age. By her logic, the administration should have cut her pay by 20%, because she cut her class by that amount.

Students often blame teachers for their failures. Sometimes teachers blame students for their bad behavior.


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