Mathematics Prep, Part 2

Classes start Monday, but I’ve been working on the course, and getting my first introduction to my students. Because we want the students to move smoothly from one semester to the next, they should start where they left off the previous semester. Apparently no one has been able to program the computer to do this, so I spent a few hours this morning going through the records, one at a time. I haven’t seen faces yet, but I’ve seen students who progressed slowly, quit before the semester was over, and gotten very little out of the course. I’ve seen a few students who progressed quickly.

I know nothing about the students who are new to the course. Many teachers look up students’ records before the semester starts. I prefer to judge entirely on each student’s performance in my class. If I knew they failed the class twice before, I might prejudge them.

I was aware when I agreed to teach the course that there would be a lot of clerical work. This is not teaching, but necessary to teaching. There has always been a certain amount of this type of thing in teaching, but this is more than usual, and the semester starts Monday. I will be interested to see how much of my time is spent teaching and how much of my time is spent doing clerical work.

As a clerical worker, I’m overpaid.


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