False Assumptions

A student sent me an email after I went to bed last night. It said that he was Jewish, Passover started in a few hours, and he would miss three classes due to Passover. He knew that the absences would be excused.

Really? I suppose he didn’t know it was coming until last night.

I will not excuse the missed work. He could have emailed me the homework that is due tomorrow. I don’t have the assignments for the next classes, but if he told me early enough, I would have something I would accept. I’m not going to bother now, since apparently he’s not allowed to use electricity for much of the time and won’t be able to communicate with me. If he is going without electricity, he will be cold, since it is 35 degrees now, and will get colder tonight.

He is missing more than ten percent of the classes, since it is a twice a week class. One of my colleagues commented that this would make it hard for him to function in the modern world, since there are many Jewish holidays.

If he had told me the first week of the semester, I would have gone out of my way to accommodate him. He didn’t and I won’t.


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