Job Security

I believe my job is secure.  This doesn’t mean I can’t be fired, but short of gross misconduct, I couldn’t be fired immediately. If they fired me for mild incompetence it would take a while, because the next time I will have a performance review will be in more than a year. Since the community college is funded by the government it is unlikely that it will fail and have mass layoffs, but it happens.

I don’t think I work less hard because my job is secure, but of course I can’t be sure.

I don’t know how much job performance is based on job security. But I find it interesting that students who are not secure about passing a course do not work harder than those who have solid A’s. I want all students to work hard. Of course, part of it is because students who work harder learn more. They are also more likely to pass. But perhaps it is more important for them to get in the habit of working hard.

Because if they learn to work hard in the course I’ve taught, they’ve learned something more important than the subject I’m teaching. (Don’t tell them I said there is something more important than math.)


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