I’m mean again

On the first day of summer school, a student wanted me to arrange for a quiz to be taken early because of a doctor’s appointment. The quiz was for the next day. I refused. I was told appointments were only available when class met. I still refused.

Quizzes are five percent of the grade and I give at least eight quizzes and drop two of them. Individually, they aren’t important. This grade is very unlikely to have any impact on the student’s grade. It would not be difficult for me to arrange for the quiz to be taken, but I didn’t want to set a precedent for this student or for the rest of the class.

The student did not show up for class, even though the doctor’s appointment was for 9:45 and class went until 1:05. Maybe it was a long appointment. But I can’t help thinking the student didn’t put a high priority on class. That is all right. I don’t expect math class to be important to everyone. I do expect the student to understand there are consequences for the chosen priorities.


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