Upcoming Enhancer book

Possible cover

Possible cover

I hope to publish the next enhancer book in March


Melal was an enhancer, which meant she had the ability to do magic. She lived in an area where enhancers were harassed and persecuted. As things got worse she decided to leave, joining a woman named Nefance whose wagon offered her a quick way out of town. What she didn’t realize was that Nefance was with a group that intended to start a war.

Tekad was unfairly thrown out of his home because of the treachery of Nefance, the woman who raised him. As a homeless vagabond, he met Nefance again, along with Melal.

Tekad wanted nothing to do with the war, but Melal was attractive and she wanted to save a group of deluded girls who were all enhancers and thought that they were doing a wonderful thing to help the war. In both war and peace, Tekad and Melal found that caring for young enhancers was both dangerous and rewarding.


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