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The Pirates of Fainting Goat Island

March 18, 2013

I just published The Pirates of Fainting Goat Island.

Heleen’s parents died when a fire burned their home, but Merko, a handsome stranger, pulled her from the burning building. Heleen accepts Merko’s offer of a job, giving her the chance to see more of the world, only to discover he is really offering a kind of captivity and the risk of losing her ability to enhance.

The Pirates of Fainting Goat Island

In the course of her adventures, Heleen meets people who worship other gods and have magical abilities and restrictions she hasn’t encountered before. She learns that when every choice is bad, she still has to choose, and when others depend on the choices she makes, it can be impossible to avoid risk and sacrifice. Most importantly, she learns just how far someone will go to protect those they love.


Lost Past: a science fiction novel

August 4, 2012

Lost PastLost Past

John woke up in the hospital with amnesia, but others knew who he was. He had an identity, including a job and an apartment. But his interactions with the people who knew him didn’t seem right. He wondered why he didn’t have a relationship with his attractive colleague Cara, since they both obviously wanted one. The life they told him he lived didn’t seem like the life he thought would be natural for him.

Everyone told him that Arthur was his best friend, but Arthur was out of the country. He received a phone message from Arthur that made him more curious about his lost past.

The message came in a language John couldn’t name. At least he didn’t know the name in English. He could visualize words in an alphabet that he couldn’t identify. The speaker had a strong accent, but was understandable.

“Zhexp,” it started. John knew that Zhexp was a name. “They said you have amnesia. You will find you have acted in a way that is not natural to you. You will wonder why.  Just remember that you made the decision to act the way you did based on more complete information than you have now.”

John was eager to see Arthur and get an explanation, but then Arthur’s plane crashed.

Jorxt was happy about John’s situation, because it proved profitable to him. He couldn’t imagine having trouble with humans, but he never met Arthur’s daughter Linda. Jorxt knew all about John. He was a human, a species obviously inferior to the Plict. Fortunately, John knew his inferiority and would never create problems for Jorxt. At least that was what Jorxt believed.

Lost Past is a science fiction novel.

Cover design by Zachary McCullough


April 10, 2012

If you Kindle, iPod, or Nook
You will always have a book
You will not run out of space
On the shelves in your bookcase.
Although you have to recharge
The font can be small or large.
The iPod gives you a light
So you can read at night.
The sample gives you a taste
So your money doesn’t go to waste.
I thought that books filled my need
But now I know I love to read.