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Environmentally friendly

April 24, 2012

They had an Earth Day trivia quiz where I work, and the questions amused me. One question asked which is better, a shower or a tub bath. Another mentioned bicycling to work. These are relatively minor issues. Bicycling to work may be an option for those who live close and are physically able, but it isn’t for most people.

What I found interesting was things they did not mention that help the earth:

1. Live in an apartment, not a house.

2. Live close to work.

3. Have a small family.

These are not really popular methods of helping the environment, particularly #1.

The population of Manhattan is roughly the same as the population of Idaho. More land is used per person for the people in Idaho than for those in Manhattan. We need some people in Idaho to grow potatoes, harvest lumber, mine silver, and so on, but the people use extensive resources in both land and transportation, simply to live there. Relative to Manhattan, there are few apartments in Idaho.  No one is suggesting what really would help, because people wouldn’t do it.