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How to pass a course, part II

July 2, 2010

The story goes that two graduate assistants were in their shared office. An attractive female student who was in the section one of them taught said to her teacher, “I’ll do anything to get an A.” The teacher went through the usual stuff about attending every class, doing all the homework, reviewing regularly throughout the semester, and so on. The student looked bored at this list and then left.

The office mate told his colleague, “You realize that she was offering you sex.”

He didn’t realize, but the student apparently thought that sex was an easier way to get an A than working for it.


How to pass a course

June 20, 2010

A colleague of mine claimed he overheard the following:

Student One: How did you do so well on the exam?

Student Two: I cheated.

Student One: How did you cheat?

Student Two: I wrote everything that was important in the course on a single sheet of paper.

Student One: Then what?

Student Two: I memorized it.