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“Prosecutable cases of voter fraud are rare.” the Washington Post, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

Prosecutable cases of drug use would be rare, if there were no serious attempt to go after drug users, so this statement doesn’t say much. I don’t know if voter fraud is¬†common¬†or essentially non existent, but if no serious attempt is made to prevent or find it, how can we know? I know someone who volunteered to help during elections, and complained that too much of the process left things with one person able to allow or commit voter fraud. He was rewarded by not being called back to volunteer again. (Perhaps he wasn’t called again for other reasons, but the problem existed, and it was unlikely to be solved.)

Too much is at stake for us to say that the problem is non existent.


Television should not encourage unsafe driving.

February 5, 2011

The scene is a common one. Two characters are in the front seat of a car, with the background flashing behind them. Although the scene may be about getting them from point A to point B, it is really about the conversation. The driver frequently looks at the passenger, and sometimes these looks last three or more seconds. This is unsafe.

It isn’t good drama for the driver never to look at the person he is talking to, but it is good driving. A lot can happen in three seconds, and the idea that a driver takes his eyes off the road for that long is upsetting.

People have already persuaded the entertainment industry that people in cars should use safety belts. Someone should persuade them that drivers should concentrate on their driving.